Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of common questions that our clients ask us. If you need more information don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Dogs are inherently pack animals; it’s our belief that they are happier and enjoy their stay when socializing with each other and with us! Dogs make friendships here!

Up to date annual vaccines including Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Vaccine

Yes; please bring enough of your pet’s food with them for the length of their stay in a re-sealable container

Of course you can! More than anything, we want your pet to be comfortable and one way to achieve that is to have familiar items. We individually label and keep track of each pet’s possessions to ensure they go home with all their belongings.

For multiple pets, Noah’s Ark is happy to provide a discount on regular pet boarding prices. Contact us at 866-582-2511 to get a personalized boarding quote.

We are consistent and strict about our office hours and here’s why…

Dogs, especially are creatures of habit and they know when we leave it’s quiet time. Within five minutes the kennel is silent.

Afternoon naps between noon and 3pm allow for our guests to rest uninterrupted so they are happy and refreshed for their afternoon playtime.

Having pets come or go outside of regular office hours disturbs and disrupts our guests resulting in them getting excited and wanting to go outside etc. and making for a grumpy afternoon.

Disrupting a house full of fifteen or more dogs is not pleasant for them as you can imagine when someone unexpected shows up at your home. We work hard to keep things calm and positive and we can’t do that if guests are showing up all different times.

Please respect us and our guests by making our office hours work for you. You can have a friend or neighbor pick up or drop off your pet or you can schedule their visit according to your availability.

We don’t like saying no to our clients but we will if it causes disruption to our other guests.

Finally, showing up late or early isn’t fair to us. Again, it disrupts our guests.

But also we request the same respect as Walmart or your favorite grocery store. You can’t call and ask them to stay open an extra fifteen minutes or open up ten minutes early. Please don’t ask us. Yes, we live here but we have a home life too, separate from the business and that’s why we have posted hours.

Yes, Noah’s Ark offers both basic baths and furminator baths for your furry pets!

Yes! We treat your pets like family and we want them as comfortable as possible during their stay!

Special rates apply for accommodations longer than fourteen nights.

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